Friday, July 10, 2009


I recently participated in a Friends Swap.  My swap partner and I exchanged gifts that related to the letters in the word “friends”.

My package from Jennie arrived today and all I can say is WOW!  Everything is just wonderful. First of all, the package was perfectly neat:


I wish that I could pack so nicely.  I took everything out and put them in a row so I could open them in order.

F is for fabric- I mean fabulous fabric!! I love it!!


R is for recycle.  Look at these cute shopping bags Jennie made.  I can fit them right into my purse.


I is for incredibly funny.  She sent me Mark Lipinski’s latest magazine.  (I sent her a magazine too.  Great minds think alike!)


E is for embroidery.  New needles, thread and scissors.  Excellent! (Notice my use of alliteration)

N is for notecards.  Did I mention that Jennie also does paper crafts?  I may have to frame one for my sewing room:


D is for delicious.  Chocolate, of course!


S is for scarf.  I wish that computers had feel-o-vision because this scarf (oh-Jennie made this also) feels gorgeous!! It is bamboo yarn but it feels like silk.  The note says that I can wear it during our “chilly upstate NY summer evenings”.  Considering that we have barely had summer here (it has rained 25/30 days so far), she is right on the mark!


The box is cute too!

Jennie- thank you so much for the wonderful gifts.  The thought and care you put into each one really shows.  I was very lucky to get you as a partner.  I will enjoy each and every one of my gifts!

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Khris said...

ohhh all gorgeous stuff there Diane....well done to Jennie...hugs Khris