Saturday, November 29, 2014

December Goals

And now the December rush begins…

Actually it should not be too bad. I have some quickie presents I plan to make (can’t show those yet!) and a couple of knitting projects to complete.  The projects for this month are the extras…things I would like to get finished.

First, though is my November project for a challenge with a friend.  Each month Jean comes up with an art project and those who take up the challenge can use their favorite medium to complete it.  Last month was my little purse.  This month our challenge was something for the table:


I made a fall topper.  Very easy and fun to do.

Now for my goals.

This has been on my design wall forever.  Mimi bought me the pattern a couple years ago and I picked out fabrics back in the spring.


The center is in 4 sections right now and the leaves for the set-in triangles are fused in place waiting to be appliqued. I don’t have the set-in squares ready yet.  I really want to finish this so I plan to work on it between Christmas and the new year.  It looks a little brown in the picture; there is more green than shows.


Finally, I am having fun with this. (Free view of mess included!)


The pattern is No Measure Bargello and I am doing it with a batik jelly roll. Not super difficult but a little fussy. Just what I like! If I like it, I will be teaching it in the spring.



To conclude, here is Adrienne modeling my latest shawlette.  My first attempt at beaded knitting and lots of short rows!



Monday, October 20, 2014

Starting Over

Sometimes when I am bored I hit the “Next Blog” button on my blog. It starts out with sewing blogs and then morphs into all types of different blogs, from poetry to foreign philosophers on motorcycles.

Sometimes I hit blogs that have not been updated in months and even years.  Some people say goodbye, some change formats and some people just stop posting. Did they get bored? Change life circumstances? Or, as some have told me, get a life?

No, I am not stopping.  As I have stated before, I like my blog. I look at it as a diary and as a way to watch my family grow.  I also enjoy looking at past projects.  I still surprise myself sometimes.

But I did lose interest for a while.  In fact I even lost all interest in sewing.  The thought of going into my sewing room just depressed me.

You see, my friend Mimi died in April. She and I did lots of sewing-and shopping together. We had a couple projects that we were completing together. We laughed and cried together.  I taught her about quilting, she taught me about the Civil War. When I hurt my back, she called me every day. She never came to visit me without a bunch of flowers.  I once mentioned I thought kitty clocks were cute. She got me one for Christmas. She was a wonderful friend.


Mimi and me at the beach in VA. Mimi loved the beach.

John, her husband, has asked me to finish a few of her quilts. As I work on them, I hear her talking to me. It has helped me to start sewing again.

A friend from high school has started a purse challenge on Facebook. I thought that the challenge might kick me back into gear. Here are the beginnings of my purse.  It combines a couple of my favorite things, Japanese fabrics and beading.  I found the inspiration in one of my Japanese craft books.


I will keep you posted on my project.  I am not going anywhere.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Thumbstall Quilt Guild

Last weekend was my quilt guild’s bi-annual quilt show. Admittedly, I have not been active in the guild lately; I did go to see our beautiful quilts, visit with old friends, and work a shift at the door. I did not put anything in the show but I did admire some great work from our members.

I thought I would put the pictures in the slide show mode.  I won’t bore you with lots of chatter but I will explain a couple of the pictures:  the first few are from our guild challenge to the members. There is also a display from the NY consortium guild honoring our great state.  Finally check out our Quilts of Valor and Annie Laurie’s fish quilt (the picture with my hand behind the cut out applique!