Sunday, September 9, 2007

Title, Please

I read so many wonderful blogs and the one question I have is, how do you come up with such interesting and provocative titles for your posts? I spend more time on that sometimes than the post itself.

I started work this week. Even though I see my grandson often, I had forgotten what a group of 4, 5, and 6 year-olds can be like. They are full of questions, insights, and concerns about the world around them. We have 11 children in the a.m. and 19 in the p.m. I have really enjoyed my time with them and I work with a wonderful group of adults. I can honestly say, I like my job!

I have had to adjust my schedule and I am trying to be productive. I get up, get my husband to work, shower and dress, take the dog for a walk (more on him later), pick up the house, figure out dinner, maybe some time to sew and then off to work. Coming home at 6 p.m. is tough, so far I have been exhausted. This can be my time for hand work-my second block from Leanne's house arrived 2 weeks ago and I haven't even touched it. I am almost finished with a sewing bag that I have been working on.

And then there is Buddy. Last week was tough on him. My husband worked 6 days in a row (we are talking about 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. each day) and Lauren and I were both out of the house ALOT. He had a couple accidents this weekend and was very hyper. His misses us all terribly when we are gone-especially my husband. Hopefully this week he will be better- my DH won't be gone so many hours. Don't worry- Buddy got extra loving this weekend. By the way, check out his paws- Do you think he is going to be big??

And, here is a picture of a purse I completed. Not one of my favorites but it is done.

Next time, I will share some of my latest purchases. Come back and visit!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know that is is September but I have always felt that this month, more than January, brings more changes in my life. It is time to go back to school (which has always been bittersweet for my children and me). This is when I give my sewing room a good cleaning, pull out my fall clothes and start cooking again! The nights are cooler and even though the days can still be warm, it just feels different. Yesterday I made a pot of turkey soup and today I pulled out some of my fall decorations. I really want to go to the store and buy fabric but I have held out so far. I did go to JoAnn's yesterday and stock up at the notions wall (50 % off!).

I have a job. I taught 3rd grade for 7 years and when my school closed I was heartbroken. I did not even try really hard to get a job last year; I subbed a few time and collected unemployment.
One day this summer I was collecting my grandson from the daycare of our local YMCA and commented to the director how impressed I was with the kindergarten daycare program that my grandson had attended. She mentioned that they were looking for an assistant teacher; I applied and got the job. I will be working with a great group of people. It is part time (11:30-6) and I am looking forward to earning my own money again. Just in time for my husband's birthday!

I also have a New Year's resolution. Last November I put a quilt in my frame with every intention og hand quilting it. Well we all know where those good intentions are. So I have decided that each morning before work I will quilt for at least 1/2 hour. I will post picture when I get a little further along.

Buddy is growing by leaps and bounds! He is good about going outside and has earned some time out in the living room with us after dinner. I walk him 2-3 times a day so I am hoping that as he grows I will shrink! (In the 2nd picture, Buddy and my daughter are with Buddy's best friend, Bella, and her owner, Sarah, who are our next door neighbors.)

I am also posting pictures of one of my very favorite quilts. I pieced this quilt from a kit (I actually turned it into 2 quilts-one still not completed...) and had it machine quilted at a local shop. I love the colors and wish I could hang it all year long. It hangs in my upstairs hall and can be seen from front door foyer. I love this quilt!