Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today is Wednesday and I feel like I am in a holding pattern.  This morning I did some extra cleaning in the kitchen while the men were upstairs working.  The first coat went on the floor so now we must stay downstairs until Thursday.  Try that with a cat and a dog!  Katie came through with a gate.  There is also a sheet hanging so let’s hope the cat cooperates.

Yeah-I laughed after I wrote that:  ‘cat cooperates’ – is that an oxymoron?

I tried on my dress yesterday with all the necessary “under” accoutrements.  I look- trying to find the right words here-  let’s just say, I will feel okay with what I am wearing.

I need to clean up the bathrooms and family room tomorrow and Thursday, Adrienne arrives.

And-  MY SEWING MACHINE AND FRAME JUST GOT DELIVERED!!!  I have accepted the fact that I really can’t do anything with it until next week but that does NOT make the wait any easier.

I will be back after the wedding.  (I just downloaded this new font.  What do you think?)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starting Over

Two weeks ago my laptop crashed.  I was able to use my husband’s and my daughter’s computers for e-mail and games but I lost al my pictures, patterns and tutorials from around the web and several hundred ORGANIZED embroidery designs.

I am now blogging from my new laptop!  Last week Katie came over and helped me get back on line and I have been trying to recreate all my settings from before.  Best Buy offers a service where they will restore my files to this computer.  I just have not gotten there yet,

Can you believe that Adrienne’s wedding is NEXT WEEK?  This summer just flew by and I really have nothing to show for it.  My living room is still under construction:  the rug is up, the painting is completed and most of the new molding is up.  Monday, they are starting the floors, then the banisters and then putting the room back together.  Yay!

And-look what is being delivered next Tuesday!! I am getting a Juki with a Little Gracie frame!  Double Yay!!  I have been reading and researching for the past couple of months and I finally got up the nerve to order it this week.  I am itching to sew on it!


My next post will be all about the wedding.  Stay tuned!