Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Decided On…

…this one!


By the way, how do you plan quilts? Do you have one of those fancy notebooks? Do you keep a journal?  Or do you do this?


I have pieces of paper like this all over the place!

P.S. Buddy says hi!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking Spring

So I started a new quilt today-a log cabin. In person, the fabrics remind me of early spring.

I could not decide which light to put in my second round. What do you think?

 I should have looked at these pictures before I cut the fabric .Now I am not sure now that I made the right choice….


I will show you what I decided in my next post!

Two UFO’s-Done!


Movie Monday 2/27/2012

I guess I am on a binding kick.

This weekend I put the binding on two quilts and taught a class at the shop.

And now I found this. I posted a video a while back on binding  odd angles.  This video, also from Alicia’s Attic, shows how to bind inside angles.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Do YOU Think?

I admit that I have been holding on to this picture for a couple of weeks and I have forgotten most of the details.  This purse was shown at Fashion Week and costs thousands of dollars.


Of course my first thought was “I could make that!”  Sometimes I think it is pretty cool and sometimes I think, it is kind of, well, not too pretty.

So, what do YOU think?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another New Project

Maybe I will just call it an ongoing project. 

Because I fall asleep in front of the tv if I just sit there and because my husband would like me to put down my lap top occasionally, this is my new tv work.

Ta Da! (as my Leonard would say!)DSC03072

I am working with 3/4” hexagons. Not sure how I am going to set them together but I thinking about doing a path with white diamonds around the hexies.

Stay tuned!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pictures! Pictures!

So of course the day of Karen’s baby shower, my camera decided to die. So put the three picture below together to get an idea of what the completed quilt looked like.  Ready? Imagine!


I also included some burp cloths. So cute and so easy to make!


And a lovely gift from Mimi and John arrived last week.  I have quite a collection of purses and here is one more:


Mimi says that in the spring I can put it on my porch and change out the primrose for another flower.  I am thinking pansies…

Once Upon a Time…and Movie Monday

….there was a lazy blogger.  OK she really wasn’t lazy, she just did not blog 6 times a day like some bloggers-or even once a day sometimes!

And we all know that the lazy blogger is me.

Am I really lazy? I hope not? I just find other things to do and then it has been a couple weeks since my last post.  Or I want to get a good picture. Or the camera is not charged and I don’t feel like getting up (OK- I am being lazy THEN)

And I look at other people’s blogs and think “Why all the comments?” And then I wonder if I want to put all the work into advertising or updating several times during the day.  Quite honestly, the answer is no.

I came across a blog the other day and the blogger said, in so many words, “Since no one comments on what I write, I won’t blog anymore!” (I could almost hear the foot stomp!)

I have felt that way a few times. But then my friend will call and ask why there isn’t a Movie Monday post.  Or I will see my sister-in-law and she will tell me her friend said she liked something I made.  And I will feel better. Someone is reading my posts!

I am not begging for comments so please don’t think that I am! I just have to remember why I write this blog. It really is for me. I occasionally go back through my posts and remember how proud I was of a project or how cute my grandsons (and Buddy!) are and how much fun I had somewhere.

And here is a confession- I subscribe to over 100 blogs.  Luckily they all don’t blog every day! Sometimes I read, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t. And if you all out there are the same, that is OK with me!

Now, if you have stayed with me this long, I present Movie Monday!

I thought this was very interesting for those who quilt on a frame and those who don’t.  Dawn Cavanaugh, who does beautiful machine quilting talks about the direction that we quilt and how it affects our stitches.  Some quilters I have talked with agree with this, some don’t.  I am on the fence…(again!)

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Giants!

I don’t like football; I don’t follow football; I don’t care who wins today (OK it would be nice if NY won since I am from NY…); But I do love this picture of my little friend Amanda:


Also, I am going to MD to see my family so here is my Monday Movie post.  Only it isn’t Monday and it isn’t a movie…

I just discovered this website and I love it.  This women does amazing thing with fabric and she shares a LOT of tips and ideas.  Please go check it out!