Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is Good

I am happy. New "Law and Order" episodes are here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Picture Time!

Katie is sewing!

Katie decide that she wanted a grocery cart cover for Dylan. So off we went to JoAnn's to shop for everything. Katie said she wanted to help, so here she is sewing! The last time she sewed was when we made Michael's baby quilt. She did a very nice job. We got it done in 2 afternoons. I forgot to get a picture of the finished cover; maybe Katie will send me a picture of Dylan using it (she did send a pic to my phone but I don't know how to get it here!)


The Sweater.....

The Purse!

This was one of my very favorite sweaters. I bought it way back in 1996 and I always enjoyed wearing it. Imagine my dismay when I pulled it out this year and there were little moth holes in it. Surprisingly, none of my other wool sweaters were affected. So I washed it a couple times in hot, hot water and dried it on high in the dryer. And I made this purse.
When I was done it looked boring so I cut a sleeve on the bias, zig-zagged the edges, and gathered it up. I attached the velvet ribbon and tacked it on the purse. I have gotten several nice comments on it so far. The hook for my keys is attached to the ribbing from the bottom of the sweater. It is on the inside; I just pulled it out to show.

Now I can wear my favorite sweater again!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Will you read my blog without pictures? I am hoping you will!

We got some wonderful news this week. Adrienne and her boyfriend Joe are engaged. We are all very happy. I am hoping that she will update her blog (hint,hint!) with all the details. Come on Adrienne-we are waiting!

I am kind of angry with myself. I really don't like the template for my blog and Blogger's templates are kind of boring. I have tried some outside templates and each time I do, I lose my widgets on the side. So now my counter is down to zero. Bummer.

I remember my principal who commented when I kept rearranging my classroom. She told me It was not the room that was bothering me, it was what was going on inside it. She was correct; I had a tough class that year and nothing I did seemed to be working. The next year I had a great class-I only rearranged twice.

Maybe that is the problem here: if I make the content better, I will be happier. With that said, I have some tutorials I want to try. I need to get sewing and stop wishing my blog looked like someone else's. Back to work!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where to Begin

First of all -I had a wonderful time at my weekend at Watson. There were about 50 women there all with one thing in common-our passion for quilts. We sewed, laughed, ate, shopped and I know I learned so much from my experience there. One thing I will definitely do differently is cut fabric before I go next year. I spent most of Thursday and Friday (OK, I was shopping too!) cutting out a 30's repro Sunbonnet Sue/Sawtooth Star Quilt. I also completed a flannel top, a small Christmas wall hanging, and basted a "baby dress" quilt (pictures to follow).

As you can see, there were many talented women there. I have included some of my favorites. I still have a tough time juggling pictures and text on Blogger so I will describe my pictures here.

The first group are shots of the southern tier of NY state. The weather was just gorgeous! The next group are various people and projects. The last pictures are of all my shopping goodies. Enjoy! Oh-thank you, Monica, for my scarecrow!

My I want a grand daughter quilt:

A couple of Wendy's quilts:

A quilt top by Jeanne:

Heirloom embroidery by Michelle:

Hi Pat!

My good friend, Jackie, and Camille:

look at all these talented ladies!

A Stack and Whack beauty:

Last, but not least, my goodies!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Surprise in the Mail

This past weekend, I was at my quilt retreat at Watson Homestead in Painted Post, NY (about 2 hrs. southwest of here). When I talked to my husband that evening, he said I had gotten a HUGE package from Australia! Well, I just thought about that package all weekend and when I got home yesterday, he was NOT kidding! Oh I wish my pictures could do these goodies justice. As you may remember, I joined Helen's Stitcher's Angel Swap and if you look carefully at the first picture you will see that Lyn from Bluebird Quilts, who sent me all these beautiful things also made little tags with the swap tag. How clever is that!

It is blurry but it is still so cute! Look at all the wonderful things she sent me:
I have always planned to make an armchair caddy, but look, now I have one. My gifts are in my favorite fall colors and her hand work is just impeccable. I just want to keep saying, "Look! LOOK!"

Above is a close up of a lovely little bouquet of charm squares (I know, blurry..) and below is a shot of all my beautiful gifts:
The bag is a perfect size for carrying little projects and I have plenty of those! And look below at the pin cushion: there is a pocket for the scissors- I have never seen this style before-they are so neat!

Look at my little angel: When my daughter saw it she asked if I had said I collect angels. I didn't mention it but this one will look perfect on my shelf!

Look at the little star candles-they are silver!, the little soap, a matching pin, and even angel notes!

Lyn, everything is just wonderful; I can't find the words to tell you how much I appreciate the time you put into crearing all these little gems. Thank you so much! I love it all!

Stepping off my cloud....
Next post will include pictures and more about my fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall in Viginia

This is my friend Mimi, who lives in Virginia. I have made here 4 small quilts to decorate her new home. This is her quilt for fall. I posted her spring quilt last year. I sent her summer quilt in July and her winter quilt went with her when she moved in 2006. I know you cannot see the quilt well but I want you to notice something else interesting in the picture.
It is October 8. Here in CNY I am wearing a sweatshirt and at night I am wearing socks to bed. Mimi is in shorts and is wearing NO SHOES! Her trees are all green. Now I hate really hot, hot weather, but something about this is just not right.

Last post before I leave for my retreat tomorrow. I am all packed. My machine and other goodies are in the car. I plan on leaving about 9:00 tomorrow morning. I have my camera and I will tell you all about my quilting adventure when I return!