Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilting Decisions

I am working on this quilt. I did not take a picture before I put it on the frame but it is a Double Irish Chain (Eleanor Burns).


I did not want to do an all over meander and I felt each block should be quilted separately.  But the blocks are 10” and I can quilt up to about 7” in width with each pass.

This is the quilt pattern that I want to use.  I had the block resized to the correct size (@ Staples) and then I went to work.


Now some people are very talented and can do simple marking and do beautiful quilting.  I am not some people.  I ended up tracing each half of the block pattern onto long strips of tissue (Golden Threads).


I will pin each strip to the quilt and then sew through the paper.  I traced out 10 pattern strips for the body of the quilt, 4 for the border and 4 corners.


Interesting.  I just compared the little picture of the quilting design and my templates and they are not the same.  Hmmm…Evidently I traced my pattern from a different variation of the design…

I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Go Socks! White, Blue…Whatever!

Two pair have been completed.



A new pair started...with one sock done.


I love this pattern! And I love knitting socks!


Movie Monday…Wednesday

Hey! I found a great new sight.  It is called New Stitch a Day and if you sign up for e-mail, you will be sent a new knit and crochet stitch to learn each day.  The sight also gives you each pattern in a written version.

At first, I thought the crochet videos looked a little clunky, but then I remembered I am left handed. Duh!!

Go check it out!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Big Bathroom Redo

(And yes, I know it has been over two months since I posted!)

We are redoing the downstairs bathroom. There have been a couple glitches but things are going well.


After peeling wallpaper for two days, we decided to just go with new wall board.


After 31 years, we will have an actual working fan!

Below is a picture of the ceramic tile I picked out.  The 6” square (on top) will be a majority of the floor and the mosaic (in 3 x 3 squares) will be interspersed.


More updates as the job progresses!