Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Need to Knit

I have a quilt on my frame to be quilted (and bound) for a friend, another quilt that needs a binding, ANOTHER small quilt to be quilted and bound to give as a gift and several small projects to finish start before Christmas and what am I doing? 


I decided to knit a scarf.

This is the yarn that I used:


I am not one that knits often but occasionally a yarn will speak to me so I will pick up just one or two skeins “for something I might want to make in the future.”  I think this one was on sale at JoAnn’s last year.  It has a wonderful feel-very soft.  I got the pattern here. The pattern called for a finer yarn but this medium weight worked out well.

This project will hold me over for a few months until I feel the “need” again.  Time to sew!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday…to Me!


Friday the 13th was my birthday-but I won’t tell you which one-and it was very nice!  The gorgeous flowers are from my very good friend Mimi.  It was extra special because Adrienne and Joe came up for the weekend.  Adrienne made me these:


They are keeping my feet very warm!

Katie and Lauren remembered that I had loved these at Williams and Sonoma:


I will make the cake mix for Thanksgiving!

My husband got me my new Juki a couple months ago, but he still remembered the day with a beautiful card.

I got myself (I am so bad!) a few things from the quilt shop:DSC01198

And this book from Barnes and Noble:


I love these Matryoshka Dolls:


The weekend was also special because today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!  Katie put a nice write up and picture in the Sunday paper and we all went out to dinner on Sunday night.  This is exactly how I wanted to celebrate.  Thank you girls!