Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Projects, Two Bad Ideas, and One Dress for Ruthie

This week I tried making a few things that have been on my mind lately. With mixed results.

The first thing I tried was covering a little box that brought some goodies in the mail.  It was one of those foldable boxes that just looks cute.  Wouldn’t it look cute covered in fabric?  How hard could it be?

I’ve said before I am not crafty and this box is a perfect example.  Covering a box is hard.  Making it look good is near impossible.  Those of you that can do it are to be congratulated:


Spots where I over-ironed the fusible and the glue seepage are more noticeable in real life.

The next day I decided to recreate a gift that I sent out to a swap partner. I made a folder to hold a note pad and markers to keep when inspiration strikes.  When I made Jennie’s, I measured, made tissue pattern pieces and marked everything.  It turned out well (i.e., she like it).  Well, I figured, I made it once, I can just whip it up, right?

Wrong: It looks lumpy, the fabric is gross (why did I pick these colors?), the spots for the markers were too big and I forgot to put a closure on it.  So I found bigger markers and put a velcro closure on it:

   DSC00898 DSC00897

It will be OK for my purse…

Today, I looked at my American Girl Doll and I realized she was still wearing an outfit from winter.  She was very sad:


So I made her a dress for summer.  I also changed her under garments (!) and did her hair.  Now she is happy again:

DSC00908 And so am I!

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beauty said...

Ruthie looks beautiful!!! I love her little dress! You have been busy and all of your projucts are so pretty! If only our house was done I would be crafting away like you!
I love you!