Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remodeling the Living Room

Adrienne is getting married in a little over a month so we thought that it would be the perfect time to tear apart our living room!

Our house is a bi-level: when you walk in the front door you can go down 6 steps to the kitchen, family room, bedroom, laundry room and a full bathroom.  Or you can go up 6 stairs to the living room, three bedrooms and another  full bath.  We live mostly downstairs and there is no basement, only a crawlspace so the living room has really become a storage area.

For the last month, I tried to get rid of and organize lots of STUFF.  Many things have gone into my spare bedroom, my sewing room (gasp!) and the garage (husband gasps!).

And this is what the living room looks like now:DSC00950

This shows part of the cabinet/book shelf that was built into the front wall.  We have never liked it (we have lived here 30 years) and now it is gone!


There are hardwood floors under the lovely orange carpeting (also here over 30 years).  So the carpeting is also going soon.  We had some leaking before the roof was replaced so we are hoping the damage is minimal and we can have the floors repaired and refinished.

DSC00948 This picture shows how the room is divided.  The back area (to the left) is where the computer is and also and a patio door leading out to our upper deck.  We are thinking about putting in interior French doors, but that is not definite. (The box on the coffee table is our new hall light)

DSC00949  Colors I was considering.  We are going with the color on the right (Mossy) which is a shade lighter than the sage.


Here is the exciting part (at least to me!).  The stairs and railing are being replaced wood!  Yay!! The hand railing, newel and bottom rails will be oak and the balustrades will be painted white.  We are getting all new wood trim (including crown for the top of the walls) and painting that white as well. Todd, who is doing the work says he will work very hard to get it done before the wedding.

And then after the wedding I will tackle the spare bedroom where I am hoping to put (I hope, I hope!) a quilt frame and sewing machine for machine quilting. Think happy thoughts!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Diane,
Thanks for your kind words about my cat. I do have Pye, but Jolie-Coeur was Jolie-Coeur...if you know what I mean. I noticed your cat hiding in your blog pictures! Our pets!

I also noticed that we are "renovating twins" :). We have just pulled up all the carpeting and linoleum and are up to our necks in renovating! :). I like the colour you chose. That is what I have to decide on, the colour. We think that we are going with a light yellow!

Nice to see you again!

ldwyer said...

Looks like you really have your work cut out for you. Good luck! My daughter's wedding was at her home - so I didn't have to be concerned about renovations. I don't envy you.

Anonymous said...
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