Saturday, February 23, 2013


Is it a sign that I am getting older and wiser or have I turned into a cheapskate?

I stopped into JoAnn’s today to browse and pick up some stuffing.  I had some money left on a gift card so I thought I could also get a magazine.  The one I wanted was $14.99!  I was shocked! Another interesting one was $9.99.

I guess I am confused.  Last year I signed up to get Quilter’s Newsletter and Fon’s and Porter-both magazines-for $19.99 for one year.  Now the same company wants to charge almost as much for just one special issue.  Am I the crazy one?

Then there is this:

All right-I will admit this scarf (24” x 70”) is absolutely gorgeous.  And there are 11 skeins of a beautiful merino yarn. But the kit is $438.  Four hundred thirty-eight dollars!

Sometimes at the shop I will total up a sale and be shocked, thinking I must have made a mistake.  But no, the total is correct. Fabric prices have skyrocketed!

And these are just hobbies.  Tonight my husband and I were talking and I mentioned that I wanted to take what was really a “joy ride” tomorrow: not an important task, just something to do.  My husband reminded me that this little jaunt would cost $8.00 in gas.  Hmm…

Maybe I will sew tomorrow instead-I certainly have enough to work with!


Sherry said...

Generation Q magazine charges $10 per issue....and I think a subscription is something like $59 per year. I think I can rely on my stash of books and magazines to get my ideas. And I have enough fabric to open my own I will stay home and make things.