Monday, February 18, 2013

Still Knitting

I found the pattern for this cowl at Purl Bee. It is called the Bandana Cowl. I liked the pattern so much that I made 3 of them.

The first one I made was from Berrocco’s Peruvia Quick, a bulky yarn. I gave that one to lauren before photographing it.

The picture below shows the one I made from a Noro in the shop.  I found it difficult to knit but I was using bamboo needles and the yarn seemed to “stick” on it.  But I like the way it turned out and it feels so nice on my neck.



This next one is my favorite.  It is a worsted weight alpaca/merino blend and it is so soft! I wear it at work and when my neck gets cold. I sometimes forget to take it off!