Friday, June 17, 2011

Starting Over…Again

I have been trying to quilt this:


As I said, I am not pleased with this quilt.  I decided to do an overall stipple and Katie looked at it and said, “You always do the same thing…”


So I picked out three rows of quilting.  I had an idea to do a kind of feather idea but to get the effect I wanted.  Unfortunately, the border was too wide and I picked all that out…DSC02252 

Difficult to see but imagine LOTS of little threads and holes on the quilt top.

So I am going to meander-but smaller- the borders and put a little design in the blocks.  Sorry Katie, but it is going to look the same.

I am beginning to hate this quilt…

On a brighter note, I got some fabrics for my civil war quilt!


Can I tell you that each quarter cost me about $1.50 and the total shipping was $4.50?  I am very pleased!


Adrienne said...

Stitch in the ditch! That's my default!