Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Blocks

I guess I am slowing down.  I only have three more blocks to show today.  I decided that I need more fabric (!) for the blocks so I am now searching for more.DSC02230DSC02231DSC02232

I am not too sure about the top block.  Any two of the three fabrics are all right together, but all three….I don’t know.  The third block is paper pieced.

I am finding that she uses the 25 patch often (as in the middle block).  I am going to make some templates to use for these blocks to use with my rotary cutter.  I may do that with the 7 x 7 grids also.

It is very hot here; 95 degrees yesterday and about 90 degrees today. Today there is a little breeze and it seems to be less humid. The upstairs is very warm so I have abandoned my sewing room.   Of course tomorrow is the day we are having central air conditioning installed.  Yay!  After 30 years!


adrienne said...

you do NOT need any more fabric. I love you. Lenny says hi