Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something New

We just can’t work on one project at a time, now can we?  Although I could be finishing up LOTS of things, I chose to start something new. 

I have a four patch posie (the correct spelling is posy, but I like ie better)  pattern.  You cut 4 exact repeats of fabric, layer them and then cut squares.

This is the fabric I chose:


And here are some of the blocks:


I found fabric in my stash for sashing and posts between the blocks.  See, I am using my stash!

By the way,  Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband and sons-in-law.  You have all brought me-and my family- great joy.  I love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Mending! :)...what we used to do before quilting and creating :)...I really love what you are doing with your fabric....end result? Is the weather better there than here?