Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Little Secret

OK-this is a little embarrassing but I have a confession to make.

I am glued to the television watching the Casey Anthony trial.  Today Katie and I had to run out to run some errands and it was very difficult to leave the house.  Thank goodness for Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew!  I can get updates on what I miss.  There are also a couple websites I visit.

Why is it so compelling?  I wish I knew.  Maybe I am trying to understand her psyche; how she could continue to lie even when presented with her inconsistencies.  Yes, I believe she was somehow involved but I doubt we will ever know the real truth.  One reporter/commentator stated that he believes that everyone in the family is lying about something.

So that the time is not completely wasted I have been sewing-in my sewing room until it gets too warm and then in the afternoon I watch while working on this sashiko project I picked up in Baltimore.


The fabric is light blue and I am using white thread.  Of course I looked up directions after I started.  Traditionally, you work in rows, starting at the out side edges.  So I guess that that almost completed flower was done incorrectly.  I also do not have the finger thimble I have seen in several pictures.  Oh well-at least it looks like others I have seen!

Have you tried sashiko yet?