Monday, October 6, 2008

A Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday was the kind of day I look forward to each autumn. The sun was shining; the weather was crisp and the trees were in full splendor. So my husband and I took a ride to the apple farm. This has been an annual trek since before we were married (29 years this Nov!) and a trip our kids eagerly looked forward to. This year it was just the two of us.
But this year I have decided that we need to something new to the tradition:
A stop at the quilt shop! Actually I go many more times than once a year, but we were just a few miles down the road and gas IS very expensive! Meet Judy, owner of the shop, and Patty an employee and my friend:

And when we got home I made a pan of Apple Crisp. Yummy!

OK, I admit that I put a few too many pictures of my grandsons here but you have to admit that they are adorable. Well here are a couple more!

Michael went to an outdoor show last week and won a lifetime hunting license. My daughter says that this is a big deal. Here is the picture they took when he went to get it.

They are just too cute! BTW, in the last picture of Dylan he is wearing a cute little sweater with a snake applique. That cute little sweater was made by my oldest daughter, Adrienne.


randi said...

The apple farm AND a quilt shop? That sounds like a wonderful day to me!

Mimi said...

Hey, Where is that quilt shop? I don't remember it! BTW Fall hasn't arrived here yet ;-)

NeedleMissingThread said...

The smell of apple crisp wafing through a clean sewing room and the sound of little children laughing in the background - life could not be more wonderful!

Good seeing you on Sunday!

Hina said...

This is great info to know.