Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall in Viginia

This is my friend Mimi, who lives in Virginia. I have made here 4 small quilts to decorate her new home. This is her quilt for fall. I posted her spring quilt last year. I sent her summer quilt in July and her winter quilt went with her when she moved in 2006. I know you cannot see the quilt well but I want you to notice something else interesting in the picture.
It is October 8. Here in CNY I am wearing a sweatshirt and at night I am wearing socks to bed. Mimi is in shorts and is wearing NO SHOES! Her trees are all green. Now I hate really hot, hot weather, but something about this is just not right.

Last post before I leave for my retreat tomorrow. I am all packed. My machine and other goodies are in the car. I plan on leaving about 9:00 tomorrow morning. I have my camera and I will tell you all about my quilting adventure when I return!


sahm3k said...

Enjoy your retreat!