Friday, March 15, 2013

Trying a (sort of) New Technique

I am still plodding along on my postage stamp/granny square quilt blocks.  Most of the blocks look like this right now:


I was adding quarter-square triangles as I sew and was planning to add the corners and trim the squares at the end. It seem to take forever because the triangles are bias on 2 sides so that the outsides will be on the straight grain.  The bias edges have a mind of their own and need to be pinned as I sew.

The last block I made looks like this:


That is because I added squares around the outside (the black fabric) as I sewed and them trimmed the block into a square (sorry no picture !Sad smile).

Now before the quilt police come and arrest me, I am aware that my outside edges are all on the bias.  Before I trimmed, I used a little spray starch to help stabilize the fabric.  And there are sashing strips between each block which will also help to keep the blocks square.

I am doing this because it saves lots of time.  I am able to piece and square my blocks in less time than it was taking me to piece as I was before. This makes me happy.

And when Momma is happy, everybody is happy!