Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip July 27,2010

Mimi is visiting me this week. I turned her on to quilting a couple of years ago so we have been talking,sewing, talking, visiting quilt shops and talking.

Mimi moved to Virginia four years ago and just started meeting quilting friends.  She made the comment that a lot of her sewing is done in solitary.  That got me to thinking and evolved into today’s tip.

Join a group!  Having a group to sew with is a wonderful experience, even if only once a month.  You get to bounce around ideas, solve problems and get inspired.

Our local library has a few sewing groups meeting each month and all advertise that all are welcome. If you are so inclined, it is easy to start a group.  Reserve a room, put up a sign and see who shows up.

When my children were little I invited a few friends to my house. Some did cross stitch, some did mending or knitting, and some just talked while our children played. We ended up meeting once week, in different houses for over 2 years.

See if there is a local quilt guild. Most will allow you to visit once or twice before joining.

Many quilt shops have groups that meet weekly or monthly.  A small fee gets you a great space to lay out quilts, solve problems and meet new friends.

Even meeting with just one friend once or twice a month will inspire you to keep going. Sharing ideas and fabrics is a whole lot better-and cheaper- than the latest quilt magazine (ok-I still buy the magazines!)

Now, go quilt!


Peg said...

Great tip, Diane - I'm so appreciative of my 'quilting' friends and the inspiration, encouragement, and helpfulness of all of them!