Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip August 1, 21010

August already!

I am working on a wall hanging for my sister-in-law.  It is from a series of patterns depicting kitties as food.  This one is The Stalker (for celery).


When I do machine applique I was taught to pull up my bobbin thread at the start, sew my seam, pull a long tail and cut the threads.  Then I pull the threads to the back and secure them.

Tedious yes but it makes for a neat finish and is still faster than hand applique.


I use these to pull my threads to the back.


They are self-threading needles.  What a time saver! I can thread two or three threads at a time. The tops of the needles have an opening; the thread slides through and is secure. I found these on the notions wall at Jo-Ann’s and the case is magnetic.I love it! They stick on the lamp attached to my cutting area so I always know where they are.

A caveat- I do not like them for regular hand sewing.  They are kind of thick and not as sharp as regular sharps. Maybe some other brands are better.  But for this type of work they are perfect.

Happy sewing!


Khris said...

What a cute puddy tat!!! Hugs Khris