Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip July 20, 2010

It   is   hot.   Consequently, sewing in my room is near impossible since the room is upstairs with no air conditioning.

So I have been doing some hand work which I can do downstairs in my family room with a fan blowing a gentle breeze.

I have been working on my 12 Days of Christmas blocks.DSC01506

I am on block two.

So here is a neat trick I learned from my embroidery friends at the library.  We meet twice a month-it is one of the rare times I see my next door neighbor.

I am doing the outline stitch but this trick also works on other stitches.  It was originally taught to me when I was working on a cross stitch project.

The pattern calls for two strands of floss.  Use only one strand but cut it twice as long as you normally use and fold it in half.

Here is the end with two strands.DSC01507

Here is the end with the fold.DSC01509

Thread your needle with the end with the two strands of thread. DSC01510

Start by putting the needle through from the back of your piece to the front.  Pull the thread up a ways.DSC01511

Now make a stitch going back down.  On the back of your work you will have a loop where you folded your thread.DSC01512

Put your needle through the loop and pull snugly but not too tight!  Ta da! Your thread is secure on the back with no knots or threads to weave under.  It is great for redwork because it eliminates any shadow from the threads showing on top.DSC01514DSC01515DSC01516

Bring your need back to the top of your work and continue stitching.



When I finish a thread, I weave it through several stitches and then trim the thread closely.

The ladies at the library scrutinized the back of my work and said it looked “pretty good”.  Let me tell you, that is a high compliment coming from them.  They all do excellent work!

Keep sewing!