Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip July 6, 2010

We are always looking for more efficient ways to set up our sewing spaces.  Some sewers/quilters have made room next to their sewing machines for ironing and cutting stations so that they can sit in one spot and complete all three tasks without having to get up.

As tempting as this sounds, I have avoided this practice.  We need to get up and move around!  It is good for our minds and our circulation. And as I get older, I find that my joints don’t protest as much if I get up and move more often.

So here is my tip for today:  Get up and move while you are sewing.  I get up and stretch every 20 minutes or so.  It gives my back a break, gets some oxygen into my lungs and brain and wakes up Buddy (who is usually asleep right by my chair-why does he do that?)



Peg said...

Great tip - I know I get stiff when I sit for too long.