Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally Finished!

I just wish I had some better pictures.607 608 609

This is the stitching that I took out of the first two rows:590

After I stitched one row (and wasn’t sure) I asked my husband’s opinion.  He said it was OK so I did another row and hated it.  So as I was picking out the two rows (each 8” x 77”, by the way) it occurred to me that when I ask someone else’s opinion, I have already made up my mind-no matter what they say.  When I told my daughter this revelation, she said, “Yeah Mom.  We know.”

Anyway, I quilted a feather pattern in the striped rows, although it is not very obvious.  And that is good because I was nervous about doing the feathers.  They are far from perfect but I got lots of practice.  I decided if I waited until I could do them perfectly, I would never do them.

So, it is done, I love my quilt, and I am happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Diane,
I can't believe you took all the stitching out! Do you have a longarm? Such beautiful stippling and quilting design! I love the quilt! Is that applique?