Monday, March 26, 2012

Movie Monday 3/26/2012

Now that I am almost finished with this:


I have been thinking about doing something with my left-over yarn,  Each skein of color gave me enough yarn for two repeats but not quite enough for three.  And truthfully I am not sure that I had the heart to do another set of repeats.  Each row is about 72” wide and takes me about 30-45 minutes.  I want to be done!

Anyway, looking around different sites, I found this pattern:

This first video is just an intro-calculating yardage (do people do that?) etc., but she has several videos on how to finish a neat looking scrappy afghan.  I am thinking of doing one in a rainbow (ROY G BIV) stripe.

Her channel has lots of crochet videos for those interested- including a granny ripple that looks very pretty.

Thank you Mom and Grandma for teaching this lefty how to do all these great crafts. Miss you and love you!