Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Month

April is over and with it another month of birthdays has passed.  Adrienne celebrated her 30th birthday on the 23rd; Michael turned 10 on the 28th and Lauren and Dylan celebrated their birthdays on the 30th.  Lauren (my youngest!) is 25 and Dylan is


(shown with his handsome big brother Michael)

Katie made a Handy Manny birthday cake:


The fondant and decorations were made from confectioner’s sugar and marshmallow.  I love the tape measure!  She also made the cookies.

Michael had his friends over for a football party.  Katie found out how much food 11 ten year old boys eat! For his birthday I made Michael a Yankees quilt.  Since cotton Yankee fabric is difficult to find I did some improvising.


The Yankee logos were appliqued.  The grey Yankee square and the blue fabric were a shirt and pajama pants from Walmart.


I found the badges on E-bay.


2001 is the year that Michael was born.


Dylan said that HE wants a baseball quilt now!!