Sunday, January 17, 2010

Idle Time…and Chatter

I am still not able to move very well; walking still makes my leg numb so my day is spent at physical therapy, doing my exercises and lately, crocheting and knitting. I completed my shawl :


The pattern called for 2 pockets.  I think they are superfluous when being worn (and ,frankly, it is not real comfy to wear) and so I only used 1 pocket.  I added the ties to keep the darn thing on me.  I don’t think I would waste my time on something like this again.  I would look for something lacier and triangular.

I am also doing mindless crocheting:  wash cloths and pot holders.  I pulled out some scrap cotton yarn and made these:


I am expanding my horizons and going back to sewing very soon (like tomorrow!!).  I have found that sitting in front of my machine is not that difficult if I pace myself at cutting and ironing. 

Granny Time

Yes, I love my grandchildren but this is a little different.  Over at Meet Me at Mikes  Pip is making a granny square a day so I thought I would join her.  I haven’t started yet but here is a granny square blanket that I made a couple years ago:


I want to make the new one a little more colorful and I plan to try some different patterns.  I will post pictures as soon as I have a few.

Speaking of Granny Time I have not mentioned that my oldest, Adrienne and her husband Joe are expecting! She is due in early July and we are very excited.  Time for a new baby quilt!


Anonymous said...

Hello Diane! Thanks for the input for my quilt! I will post pictures of the new and improved in the next few days...hopefully (I'm back at work)....I saw this granny square project and thought of it but time :(...I really want to improve my crocheting skills!

Can't wait to see your baby quilt!