Monday, April 20, 2009


I just downloaded Live Writer because it is supposed to have better tools than those provided by Blogger.  So I am trying out some of the options in the program. 

Let’s try inserting a picture:


OK that was easy.

Changing the font is easy. I can even cross out words!

Adrienne just updated her blog.  Here is the link.

It will take a little getting used to. I have to say though adding pictures is a whole lot easier. 

Today I tried making some bias for my quilt.  Let’s just say it did not go well.  Of course I was attempting to follow directions that  I read a couple days ago for continuous bias and I was too lazy to go find the directions.  I will work on it again tomorrow. Until then,  toodles!


sahm3k said...

Oooh very nice! I like the new format.

Dj said...

I've been using LiveWriter for a while now. I don't even login to my dashboard anymore. I use WordPress on my own domain.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of your pets looking out the window - to cute. Also I'm going to check out Live Writer. It would be so nice to do the things you mentioned.