Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preparing for Easter

I didn't get any sewing done today. Katie came over to make a special dessert for tomorrow. She found a recipe for a 14 layer cake and we decided that it would be easier to prepare and make it here since I am doing dinner tomorrow.

We had cakes in various stages of completion all over the kitchen. No professional kitchen shots here!

Here are our helpers Dylan and Buddy:

Each layer got a generous coating of chocolate frosting.

Then, when all the layers were put together, the entire cake was frosted again. And here are Katie and Lauren with the finished cake. Yummy!

Tomorrow (if I remember...) I will take a picture of the cake when sliced so that you can see all the layers. I also did some baking. I made my first Easter bread today. I remember eating my Grandma's bread as a child, although hers had candied fruit which I did not put in. I hope that mine tastes as good as hers!

Lauren would want me to tell you that she made her famous chocolate chip cookies which are a hit with her boyfriend's family. I finally closed the kitchen at about 7:30 tonight.

A blessed and joyful Easter to everyone!