Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shopping: Part 1

I visited Mimi in Courtland for 5 days last month and I had a wonderful time. Mimi and her husband John are very gracious hosts-even when my plane was almost 8 hours late! (I sat in La Guardia all afternoon and evening due to high winds.) They took me to North Carolina for a great dinner and even to Virginia Beach to visit a quilt store and to get ice cream. My favorite meal was "chicken from the gas station"! LOL! Actually, the mini mart at the gas station had a small restaurant that makes the best fried chicken. On the way back to the airport we stopped at a 5 Guys hamburger place. At least I think that was the name. Can you tell that I ate well??

We went out fabric shopping twice and then did a LOT of sewing. Mimi is just learning to quilt but is GREAT at buying fabric! She kept up well with a seasoned shopper (me!). But this time I packed more efficiently than my last trip. I packed my carry-on with the bare essentials so that I could place my purchases in it on the way home:

The bag weighed 20 pounds more on the way home!! And here is some of what I got:

Lots of patterns! I think I bought about half the patterns that Patchalot Patterns had at the shop, including the kit for the Williamsburg Medallion:

I love this color palette; I want to redo my living room around these colors:

These patterns from Bella Fabrics include the chipboard to complete the projects. Love it!

It was Valentine's Day! How could I resist?

Fabrics for my Civil War Love Letters Quilt:

At Quilt with Me we found the mother-lode of Eleanor Burns fabrics and patterns. I am sure I could find them locally, but here they were just calling me!

Mimi found this fruit fabric and fell in love with it. We cut it into squares and we are going to have a mini quilt challenge. I will post these quilts this summer when we get back together again. Update: Mimi informs me that she has since purchased some vegetable fabric and may make a reversible quilt!

I did buy some other goodies but they are for gifts(can't spoil the surprise!) or already put together (my strippy quilt).

And a confession. For Lent I gave up buying fabric and patterns. This little buying spree was my Mardi Gras. I should give up for the rest of the year-I certainly have enough to keep me busy!!


Beauty said...

WOW!! Mom that is crazy! The quilts look beautiful. I know I know I have to update my blog. It will be a big one I promise. See you soon!

Khris said...

Love those needlecase kits...very nice..hugs Khris