Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's About Time!

Has it really been that long since I have blogged?? Obviously it has.Here are some quick notes on my life since my last post:

My birthday has passed(I got an Ipod-welcome to the 21st century!)
Katie cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Joe and Adrienne were home for Christmas.
Dylan is crawling and has a tooth.
Little Michael is preparing for his first communion.
Wedding plans for Adrienne and Joe are in full swing. I am now looking for a dress that does not scream Mother of the Bride but is still appropriate.

And, I am actually finishing some quilts! That is what my first post of 2009 will be about. A couple of weeks ago I visited my good friend in Virginia. (my shopping will get a separate blog ASAP) While there we shopped and sewed. I started this quilt there. It is a strip quilt that I completed in a couple hours. I machine quilted it when I got home:

Here is a closeup on one of the panels:

The next quilt I started when I when to my retreat at Watson. I had hoped to have it finished as a gift for my husband before he got my Discover bill but that didn't happen. But I did finished it this week!

This is one of the squares:

This last quilt is for Lauren's boyfriend's mom. She has been having some health problems so I made her a comfort quilt. It is left over fabric just cut into strips and then machine quilted. I appliqued some hearts on because it looked a little boring. I hope she likes it!

This is the label that I put on the back:

Tomorrow I will tell you about my two latest trips!


sahm3k said...

I love the quilts! Esp. the stripe one. How have you been??? Please keep in touch, I miss our morning chats!

sahm3k said...

Its Shawn btw!!! I moved my Autism blog from Blogger to Word Press.

sahm3k said...

Hey there!!! Good to hear from you! My email is I would love to do lunch, just let me know when is good for you! Molly is done w/ preschool by 11:45 T, W and Th.

Anonymous said...

Hello Diane,
It's great to see you back! I just read about your shopping spree! Wow! You go some great fabric! Your quilts are so beautiful...I'll be back in to see what you are up to...very busy woman you are! :)