Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sewing Room....Before

This is just some of my fabric; there are shelves above and to the sides of the door entrance.

This is my desk for my laptop. Yeah, right.

My cutting area.

Have you seen the tv show "How to Look Good Naked"? I have never watched it but I think that taking pictures of my sewing room may come close to taking pictures of yourself naked. The room is pretty bad but I am thinking that if I show them I will work harder to get to the point to take the AFTER pictures. So this is the plan:

1. Sort, fold and organize fabric. I got myself some comic book boards to fold the fabric around. I got 200 of them for $17.oo. This is much cheaper than boards advertised for quilters. They are also acid free.

2. Go thru my books and magazines. I have some that I have forgotten about and some magazines I don't think I have read thoroughly.

3. Clean out some of the stuff that is really not sewing related. I just don't know where to put it...

4. Give a good dusting and vacuum, clean the windows and woodwork (before I put things away).

Today I will pick up my living room (hardly used) so I can work out there on the fabric. Since Adrienne is coming home I don't want a huge mess up there. I can bring out fabric as I work on it and once it is folded it will look a lot neater. (Ok this is internal thinking-did I really need to post it?)

If you have any good organizing tips, please send them along.

How does that sound? I will keep you posted.


Victoria said...

yeah, I just re organized my studio as well. And everything that I couldn't find a home for is now on my desk, oh, well, one thing at a time.
My best thing in my studio is my large cutting table. its large enough so I can store 12 large rubbermaid containers under it to hid most of my fabric...

And all my small under a yard pieces I keep in baggies in one large container to keep them folded nicely. The key is to be sure to use the fabric i have instead of buying more! ha!
someone also mentioned to me this book...