Monday, September 8, 2008

Completed Quilts

As promised, here are some picture of quilts I have completed recently. This Dogwood Flower Quilt has been a work in progress for about 3 years. I hand appliqued the flowers and then the quilt sat for about a year. (I used to work on it while meeting monthly at the library with a group of stitchers.) This past July I attended Quilting By The Lake in Morrisville, NY. I took a 2 day workshop with Sue Nichols and got a good start on the quilting. I also learned a lot-Sue is a great teacher. Anyway it is now completed and hanging in my guestroom. Yes! I have a guest room! And it is clean and the bed is completely cleaned off!

Below is a closeup of the quilting:

This quilt is another quilt that to a long time to get to completion. The quilts are the easy part; it is the quilting that takes a while. This is a mini quilt that I completed for my quilt guild challenge. The theme was "Summer Memories". Some of the quilting I am really proud of; some shows that I am still a beginner. The quilt measures about 12"x 14" and was paper-pieced.
I had fun looking for the embellishments.

Here is a closeup. BTW, the flowers are paper cuts and the kitty is a button. This quilt is hanging in my hall. I like to look at it!

So I do finish things!