Monday, September 15, 2008

Making Progress??

I have been busy working on my sewing room but it is going more slowly than I expected. The room is looking worse instead of looking better. So far I have folded lots of fabric (so far I have used 325 comic boards!!) and sorted through my books and magazines. When Adrienne was here this weekend, she took several yards of fabric with her. I have one tote so far full of fabric I am donating somewhere and I bought a new trashcan today to use as an indoor dumpster-if I can bear to throw anything away. Here are a couple of pictures:

This is a picture of all the folded fabric. It took
me about 16 hours to get it all folded. I have about 20 pieces more to fold; then I need to take
care of charm squares and jelly rolls.

These are the magazines I am keeping.
The containers are from Staples: I went in
to price magazine holders and I thought they
were too expensive so I asked the manager if I
could have the displays from the back-to-
school items. I spent about 15 minutes
condensing the folder display into less
containers and in return, I was able to take the
holders. (I hope what I said makes sense!)

Back to the trenches!