Saturday, February 20, 2016

Splendid Sampler

Like about a million people on Facebook I have decided to join Pat Sloan's year long Splendid Sampler. (I finally started hiding the posts because people were getting crazy with comments and posts)
I have a selection of French General fat eighths I bought several years ago. I added a couple background fabrics to the mix.

 Surprisingly, I have the first two blocks completed!

As an aside, I am very frustrated right now. I had to delete Live Writer from my laptop and now I can't reinstall it.  I am writing this on the blogger app which is NO fun! Limited fonts, no photo options and editing is tough! And I hate that my signature has a white background.

Oh well...things could be worse...


Marle said...

Hi Diane! Oh, how lovely fabriks you have! Both blocks are very nice.

Linda Acee said...

nice page !!!