Monday, February 1, 2016

February Project

I have been trying to use what I have, finish what I have started and appreciate what I have. And I have lots of gorgeous fabric and an abundance of tools and supplies!

That being said,  I did complete my January goals, although I did not post about it.  A few years ago while visiting with Mimi we went to a quilt shop in Virginia Beach. A stunning quilt was hanging; unfortunately the shop was out of the pattern. Two weeks later, the pattern showed up in the mail. That is how Mimi was. She knew I loved it and she found the pattern for me.

This is the quilt:

The pattern is Woodland Star.  The fabrics are all batiks. The quilt was about half done when I pulled it out last month-no appliqué was done and only the star points were done. (I guess it was less than half done...)

Of course, I had fabric left over so I even made another top.  I will use it for my Learn to Quilt class:

My February project will be a quilt I started last summer.  We got a line of fabric in at the shop that begged to go home with me.  Then I found this pattern:

And I came up with this:

(Note rare CNY winter sun coming through the window)

I put a border on and as you can see it is a good sized quilt. In fact it's too big to put on my long arm. So I will be using my Bernina to quilt lots of straight lines. It is pin basted and all ready to go!

By the way, I am posting from my IPad. I am not sure how this will look on the blog but this is where my pictures are.

Do you have any goals this month? Let me know and I will cheer you on!