Monday, February 20, 2012

Once Upon a Time…and Movie Monday

….there was a lazy blogger.  OK she really wasn’t lazy, she just did not blog 6 times a day like some bloggers-or even once a day sometimes!

And we all know that the lazy blogger is me.

Am I really lazy? I hope not? I just find other things to do and then it has been a couple weeks since my last post.  Or I want to get a good picture. Or the camera is not charged and I don’t feel like getting up (OK- I am being lazy THEN)

And I look at other people’s blogs and think “Why all the comments?” And then I wonder if I want to put all the work into advertising or updating several times during the day.  Quite honestly, the answer is no.

I came across a blog the other day and the blogger said, in so many words, “Since no one comments on what I write, I won’t blog anymore!” (I could almost hear the foot stomp!)

I have felt that way a few times. But then my friend will call and ask why there isn’t a Movie Monday post.  Or I will see my sister-in-law and she will tell me her friend said she liked something I made.  And I will feel better. Someone is reading my posts!

I am not begging for comments so please don’t think that I am! I just have to remember why I write this blog. It really is for me. I occasionally go back through my posts and remember how proud I was of a project or how cute my grandsons (and Buddy!) are and how much fun I had somewhere.

And here is a confession- I subscribe to over 100 blogs.  Luckily they all don’t blog every day! Sometimes I read, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t. And if you all out there are the same, that is OK with me!

Now, if you have stayed with me this long, I present Movie Monday!

I thought this was very interesting for those who quilt on a frame and those who don’t.  Dawn Cavanaugh, who does beautiful machine quilting talks about the direction that we quilt and how it affects our stitches.  Some quilters I have talked with agree with this, some don’t.  I am on the fence…(again!)

Have a great day!


A Quilter Awakens said...

I love the "life-log" aspect of blogging too! Carry on...