Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year


Yes I do realize that it is January 4. I have been thinking about this post for a while.

While reading other’s blogs I have made note of resolutions, changes and plans others have for the New Year.

I asked my husband what his resolutions were for this year.  He informed me, “I don’t have any. I am already perfect.” (well, OK he is darn well near perfect, except for… oh, never mind.

I have broken several New Year’s Resolutions through the years, but I will share a couple of goals I have for 2012:

1.Losing Weight.  This is everyone’s goal isn’t it?  I have the tools and a good start on this one.  I did gain 2 pounds between Thanksgiving and January 1, but I did manage to make some good choices over the holidays and now that the cookies are all stale (That is right! I did not eat them all this year!)  I am back on track.  In July I said my goal was to be 50 pounds thinner next year at this time. My doctor and I agree this is a healthy goal that allows me to be satisfied at the end of a meal.  Again, I hope to be 50 pounds thinner next year in January.

2. Projects. We call them, UFO’s, WIP’s and the albatross around our necks. I would like to believe I will finish one a month or that I will finish one before I start a new project but will even that make me happy-or whittle down all those unfinished projects?  I like to create, I like to experiment, and I like to make pretty things!  Sometimes Things I start don’t always work out  as planned. So I give myself permission to finish those things I want and to gift or get rid of things I know I won’t finish.  And it is OK to start a new project!

3. Fabric. Yes this is a problem-and I work at a quilt shop! But this will be a resolution. Stop buying fabric when bored at work and double check my stash before shopping. Stop “stocking up” and use what I have. JoAnn’s and the fabric stores will survive the economic crisis is I don’t buy interfacing until I need it!

4. OKAY, this is the biggy and this comic sums it up quite nicely:

I do worry how others view me and I am always looking for approval on everything I do.  I know that I drive my kids crazy worrying that I might have said something that was taken the wrong way.  I APOLOGIZE WAY TOO MUCH! Sorry about the caps, there…

Anyway…let’s work on this mantra:  I can’t change other people. I can only change myself and how I view others. And they are not all angry with me or judging me constantly!

Sewing pictures, later!


Anonymous said...

hi Diane, well 50 lbs sounds overwhelming, but I wish you luck in the new year! Barb from ocean waves quilts.