Saturday, July 16, 2011



Today my husband, my grandson Michael and I went to see the final Harry Potter movie.  Michael and I prepared by watching Part 1 (and the Yankees) last night.

It.    Was.    Awesome.

When I finished reading the last book (and, by the way, I have read and or listened to each book at least 3 times) I was disappointed that the series was over   The movie, although dark and somber at times was surprisingly uplifting. The short scenes of comic relief were appropriate and not at all forced. I was concerned the last scene (the characters as adults) would be cheesy, but it was very well played.

As a child going to the movies, I remember booing at the bad guys, cheering the heroes and applauding at the end.  We showed our appreciation of a good movie.  Many people at the theater showed those same reactions today (although Michael told me he thought that no one clapped as loud as I did).

I have started listening to the books again on CD. (Do yourself a favor and listen to the great Jim Dale reading this series.) Hopefully when I finish all six books, the video for this movie will have been released and I can enjoy it all over again!

P.S. Look for something new on Monday!