Monday, December 6, 2010

Pictures, Pictures

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and now the Christmas countdown is on.

Adrienne and Joe came home for Thanksgiving and I cannot believe how big Leonard has gotten!  We tried very hard to get some good pictures of the boys but as you can see, that proved impossible! But we had a great time and Michael, Dylan, and Leonard enjoyed their cousin time.

 DSC01806 DSC01813

Katie has a friend whose husband is a professional photographer so on Black Friday, rather than shop, the girls had some family pictures taken.

Rather than get prints made, the photographer uploaded all the pictures to Shutterfly.  This will be perfect for the girls-and me.  Each  of us can pick out the pictures we like and order just what we need.  We can crop and adjust the pictures to our liking also.  Adrienne is just ordering prints to send with her cards but Katie and I usually get the picture Christmas cards.(Katie has also ordered invitations to the boys’ birthday parties and she even made a book with Michael’s school work and report cards! Michael loves looking through his book-and so do I!)  There are a couple of pictures of the girls that I would like  to have and the pictures with the whole family are great-it is hard to get us all together!  I also like Shutterfly because I can send the link to the pictures to other family and friends.  I just know that everyone wants to see pictures of my grandsons! Plus,once you register with Shutterfly, they let you know about all of their specials-free shipping, special sales, etc.  All in all it is a neat little site.

Also-enjoy this picture of Buddy.  Lauren had just left to go home.  Oh how he loves her!



Anonymous said...

Well, I love the pictures of your grandsons but your doggie really takes the cake! Is she getting ready to make a quilt? Is that material that her chin is resting on?