Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 4 of Captivity

It is still snowing with no end in site.  This is what I have done so far today:

Turkey soup Italian style (with tiny meatballs-homemade)


A loaf of bread (a little brown; my first try with the kitchen-aid mixer)


Cinnamon buns


I have also taken a walk with the dog AND played outside with him.

And when Days of Our Lives is over (my little guilty pleasure) I am going upstairs to work in my sewing room.  It needs a good cleaning and I have been putting it off.  

What do YOU do in the snow?


Anonymous said...

:). What do I do on snow days? Well we don't have many because of the "rugged hardiness" of the people ;)...they always get the roads plowed so....anyhow, when it snows and I can't get anywhere, I do like you, BAKE, BAKE, BAKE! :). Play if I can get outside. And watch a soap or two. Now I want a snow day! Love that soup! Love your snowy scenes too! I have one angel almost finished.