Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday’s Tip for June 7,2010


When was the last time you changed your needle in your sewing machine?  If you can’t remember, DO IT NOW!!

Some of us change our needles when we start a new project; some of us have been told every 8 hours and some of us wait until our needles bend or break.

I am somewhat fanatical about changing my needle.  I have spent (OK-let’s be truthful here- my wonderful husband has spent) mucho money on my machines, fabrics and sewing needs.  I am not going to cheap out when  needles are less than $1 each, even cheaper when the notions wall at you know where is 50% off.

So how often do I change my needle?  I don’t have a hard and fast rule but here are some guidelines I follow:

  • after I have emptied 2 bobbins if I am working on a large-ish project.
  • if I am working on smaller projects or more than one project at a time, I change my needle after putting on a binding (I do both sides of the binding by machine, btw)
  • starting a machine applique project
  • starting a machine quilting project
  • if I haven’t sewn in a while and cannot remember
  • if I hit a pin while sewing (no, I do not always remember to remove my pins while sewing)
  • if I hear “thunking” while sewing, I know I have waited way too long

So this is my first Tuesday Tip.  I plan to update very soon (are you asking where I have been?) with my latest projects and family events. 

Have a great week!


Adrienne said...

Hi MOM! So glad to see all of the updates!!! I am a strong supporter of your needle changing rules and I try to keep up as well as you! (I had an excellent teacher)love Adrienne