Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Sunday

No pictures today. Just an update. Adrienne was home this weekend and she kindly "volunteered" (read 'was talked into') helping me sort and clean up my fabric closet. This is actually good for her because I sent her home with some fabric, a few knitting UFO's for her to turn into something new, pattern and fabrics to make aprons and my serger. When I was sewing for my daughters it was constantly in use. I have not used it in the last 5 or 6 years. So now I know that it will be used again.

I cleaned out 2 LARGE garbage bags of fabric and about 50 various sewing magazines and gave it all to my good friend Betty. She loves to make scrap quilts and does wonders with orphan blocks. As it happens we were all invited to her daughter's house for lunch today so was happy and I was happy because
a: I did not have to cook today
b: I had a good time with good friends
c: All that fabric went to a good home
d: My closet is much cleaner
I have to resist the urge to go out and replace all the missing fabric. I am trying very hard to use fabric I already have and to only buy fabric for specific projects. I am going to try very hard to stop buying for a while because the closet is really not that empty.

As for other news around the homestead, Buddy the new puppy is growing by leaps and bounds. I have taught him to sit but if anyone has hints on how to control his chewing, PLEASE let me know.