Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I Learned From This Quilt

1. That finished is better than perfect.  (Although I still spent some time picking out stitches)


2. Wonky sometimes works.  I think that the jar tops are my favorite part!


3. My micro-stippling is ok but would be better with an open toe foot – so I ordered one!

4. I can use the foot to help me gauge distances when quilting. (I wish I had figured that one out sooner!)


5. The quilting that takes the longest (in terms of starting and stopping) doesn’t always show up.  For example, the brown, above.

6. I think that I switched the border and binding fabrics. My less than perfect quilting would have been less noticeable!


7. I am becoming a little more confident in my machine quilting!

What did you learn today?




Khristina aka Khris said...

The "quilting" part of any quilt is the part I don't like doing Diane, so I am very impressed that you are giving it all you have...well done. Hugs Khris

HummingBirdQuilter said...

Love the whimsy of your quilt and your quilting.