Friday, September 14, 2012


Two interesting things occurred last weekend.

The fun thing was my fortieth (Yes, that is 40th!) high school reunion.  I was a little apprehensive about going but I had a great time.  I thought we all looked pretty good after all these years.


Below is my very, very best friend Paula and her husband, Richard. I met her my very first day. I was new at school (as a junior) and that dreaded time came I had to choose a seat to eat my lunch.  I looked around the cafeteria-her table was laughing the loudest so I sat there.  It was one of my best decisions!


The second thing that happened was not so great.  A storm blew through on Saturday and our neighbor’s tree fell down on our pool fence.


(That is Buddy doing some investigating)

Luckily my husband and Dave were able to fix the fence so things are back to normal.