Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilting Decisions

I am working on this quilt. I did not take a picture before I put it on the frame but it is a Double Irish Chain (Eleanor Burns).


I did not want to do an all over meander and I felt each block should be quilted separately.  But the blocks are 10” and I can quilt up to about 7” in width with each pass.

This is the quilt pattern that I want to use.  I had the block resized to the correct size (@ Staples) and then I went to work.


Now some people are very talented and can do simple marking and do beautiful quilting.  I am not some people.  I ended up tracing each half of the block pattern onto long strips of tissue (Golden Threads).


I will pin each strip to the quilt and then sew through the paper.  I traced out 10 pattern strips for the body of the quilt, 4 for the border and 4 corners.


Interesting.  I just compared the little picture of the quilting design and my templates and they are not the same.  Hmmm…Evidently I traced my pattern from a different variation of the design…

I will keep you updated.