Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally… It Is Done!

And I am so happy! The afghan is done-including weaving in the ends and putting on an edging.



As you can see. it is pretty big-it is on a queen size bed.  There are 20 colors in it-and white. It took me two winters to finish it (no summer crocheting!) and it is very heavy! I was very toasty while making it.

And now?

I am making a pair of socks.  Yes, Adrienne, I am making socks! Now don’t laugh at me.  The pattern calls for DK weight so I picked up an acrylic at the shop.  I know that it is baby yarn-but I wanted to work on something I like and I like this yarn!


I am taking a class- I made my first swatch and learned a new cast on.  I hope to have both socks completed to the heel (aka- the hard part) by next month’s class.

If these work out I will tackle a pattern with some more pizzazz!