Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lost and Found

Yesterday I was looking for another project when I came upon this old quilt.  I started it back in the mid 1990’s and the center is handpieced.  The hearts are hand appliqued.  At some crazy moment I decided to machine quilt the outer borders.  I used stars and must have not liked it. (OK the quilting is not good…)

Last night I put a binding on it.  I tried tea dying it this morning;it came out lighter than I anticipated but I really like the way it turned out.


Lost and Found also applies to something else about this quilt.  In the mid ‘90’s I was a part of an online group of quilters called GEnie Pioneers.  We had several swaps and exchanges.  One of the last swaps I did was 6” finished Ohio Stars.  My theme was woven plaids.  The blocks for this quilt are from that swap.

Recently that group “re-formed” on Facebook. How nice to have found this quilt at the same time I rediscovered our group of quilters.  It has been so nice to catch up with my old friends.  Serendipity, wouldn’t you agree?