Monday, August 1, 2011

Something Old….

I have been feeling lazy lately so I pulled out a project I started two years ago. It is an English paper-pieced (EPP) table runner.


I thought that I would highlight how to make them with this week’s video, but none of the videos I looked at showed the way I do them.

So here is a tutorial!

EPP is ridiculously easy but here are some hints(I have learned along the way) to make the process go more smoothly.


Two good notions to have are a paper punch and straw needles.  I love the straw needles! they are comfy in my chubby hands and long enough to use easily.  Much nicer than sharps.  Use the paper punch to pop a hole in each of your papers.


You can make your own papers; this site has several sizes available.  You can also buy your papers (there are several sites-and your local quilt store; I won’t list them here).  I use card stock.  They are reusable; also since I don’t sew through them, they are more stable (this will make sense in a bit!)

I have cut fabric to shape but now I use squares of fabric.  Hexagons are measured by the side.  A one inch hexagon is 1” on each side.  That is the size I am using.  I cut a 2 1/2” square for a 1” hexagon.



OK! Let’s start!

Center your paper hexagon on your square of fabric.  I angle mine a little to give me more wiggle room.  Pin the paper to your fabric through the hole.  This allows the paper to float free.


Thread your needle with thread-but not too long!  18” is good.  This is a good time to use up that old thread.  Unless you use very dark thread on very light fabric it will not show through.

Fold the fabric at your first corner under and take a stitch.


Do not go through the paper!  We are only basting the fabric. I take two stitches at each corner; one would probably be enough but my luck does not always run that way..

Go to the next corner.  Fold the fabric under and take a stitch.


Remember-just go through the fabric! Can you see the basting stitch between the stitches (sorry about the thumb!)

Stitch the next corner…


…and the next..


2 more stitches…


You’re done!  I take 3 stitches on the last corner and then just cut the thread.




Next time I will show you how I put the pieces together.

Oh! did I show you this yet?


It is a placemat I crocheted last month.  I got the pattern from Purl Bee, but I changed the edging row.