Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally- A Post!

Yes-I have been woefully negligent in my blogging duties.  Everyday that I plan to post, something comes up.  For example today it is this:
Our house is bi-level; the kitchen, which is the first floor, is below ground level by about 40”.  This causes a LOT of plumbing problems because the drain run more horizontally than vertically. It also means that much of our plumbing is between walls instead of being exposed in a basement. (We don’t have a basement) What I thought was a slow running kitchen drain has become a leak somewhere in the pipes.  The plumber has gone in search of a camera so he can see what is going on. We are not pleased.
In happier news, Adrienne and Joe baptized Lenny and had their marriage blessed earlier this month.  We drove down to Maryland for the weekend. 
Can I just say?  Lenny is a healthy baby! He is 8 months old and is over 20 pounds! His christening outfit just fit him (although the hat was TOO small!)
He looks just like Adrienne did a that age.  And he is a very happy baby:
And finally, I have been knitting a sweater.  It is a neck down pattern with a V-neck:
It is actually a denim blue heather from Cascade 220 yarn.
Last night I babysat Michael and Dylan. Dylan was helping me by unwinding the yarn as I knit:

He is an excellent helper!
More to come!

UPDATE:  The plumber(s) were here from here from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm tonight.  They replaced several feet of pipe, snaked for hours and put a few holes in my lower cabinets (inside).  My sink is still plugged up.

The verdict-we have a collapsed pipe under the cement floor in the hallway.  It will require pulling the carpet, jack hammering the floor, replacing the pipe and then making all the repairs.  We are looking at a second (and possibly third) opinion-and estimates. But as my husband has reminded me, it is not an earthquake or tsunami.